Weird Things Romantic Couples Do

Have Sweet Pet NamesLove is such a wonderful thing and it lets you do silly things. And nothing is crazier than doing weird stuff with the significant other. These things are perfectly normal that even other couples are doing them as well.

So, here are some of the weird things that couples do, whether they be in public or in the comforts of their beds.

Have Sweet Pet Names

From babe to baby to honey cakes, name it and you have a list of sweets to call your bae. Yes, those people in a relationship have a way with pet names. This especially comes out when you need something from each other or when you want some sexy action. But, couples often have pet names for their partner, which others may find corny. What adult called another “sweet boo”? Well, those people who are so in love that you see hearts in their eyes.

Have Farting Parties

A friend once told me that when you can when both of you can fart in front of the other, you have reached a certain level of comfort. This will show how close you have become that gross bodily functions do not freak you out. That being said, there may be a farting party happening once in a while, where you will have a contest of the loudest and smelly fart you could produce. Yuck, right? But ladies and gentlemen that are the smell of love sweet love.

Have Inside Jokes

All those in a tight-knit relationship have their own version of inside jokes, couples included. You often look at your partner from the other side of the table and pass on a secret message that they unbelievably understand. Other people outside of it find it strange that you smile at each other with a knowing grin. They may think you are crazy, but you are trying your best not to laugh so hard.

Have Singing and Dancing Sessions

Your normal hangout includes bad dancing and even worst singing. You do all these things while you are stuck in traffic or doing household chores. You and the significant other find it fun and cute that you try to do things you are terrible at. But, others see it as horrifying.

Have No Shame

If farts don’t bother you, then so does other normal odors like morning breath. It is important to emphasize that hygiene is important and make-up is a part of expressing yourself. But, being in a relationship, couples are not ashamed of their flaws. Other people may find this unsettling, but we are human after all and the bae understands that.

You are having all the fun, while the people around you re giving a side-eye and a questioning look. Don’t let it stop you from expressing your love. Keep the vibe alive and love more!

Perks of Dating a Person With a Green Thumb

Dating a PersonGood mannered, clean, understanding, compassionate, religious, tall, handsome, rich and the list of what our ideal guy goes on forever that our mom’s grocery list pales in comparison. We have this treasured list of qualities we want in a partner. What we leave out is for the person to ‘have a green thumb’ or who knows how to garden.

We ask why not when these people can give you these perks.

Free fresh flowers

Green thumbs are very good gardeners who are capable of growing even rarest plants. If you are dating one, more often than not, they have many flowering plants in their gardens. You can always use you bae card to pick the beautiful blossoms to decorate your home with. This will give life to your boring room or sad study space. The best thing about your boyfriend or girlfriend being a green thumb is that these beautiful flowers are free. Imagine the how much you will play florists with a bunch of cut flowers!

House smells fragrant all day

As you are free to pick blossoms from their garden, you can always choose those flowers that are really fragrant. An almost limitless supply of these blossoms (courtesy of the significant other) will keep your home smelling like thousands of flowers exploded. Okay, that is an exaggeration. But having someone who can grow fragrant flowers, you can always have blooms not only for decoration but to keep your home smelling good. Did I mention that, of course, these flowers are for free? Yes, now rejoice.

Flower shopping made easy

Green thumbs also have a knack for getting to the local market for great deals for gardening needs. You may not be into gardening, but at some point, you will need gardening tools, equipment. If you need or your friends need a bulk of flowers, they will gladly bring you to florists who offers blooms at discounted prices. Aside from having someone special in your life, you can have practical benefits from dating them. Who says that dating wipes out your wallet?

Adorable DIY plant projects

If you are into do-it-yourself projects, you will have a field day in your partner’s garden. Imagine the craft projects you can do starting with creative and unusual flower pots, flower petal pressing, landscaping. I bet you can see yourself immersed in the garden with your partner doing crafts.

When DIYs are not your kind of thing, having a green thumb partner will introduce you to gardening. You will learn and enjoy a lot. This feeds your relationship, but also your soul.

Why Don’t You Give Her Flowers Today and Everyday

Give Her FlowersDo not wait for another chance. Seize the day.

The future is something that can’t be predicted. You may only prepare for it through acting on the present. What you sow today in your life, you will reap tomorrow. A constant effort of making her feel loved will convey how much she means to you. Actions do speak louder than words. But, more often, those repeated gestures are what contour the character of the person. For instance, if you say that you will cherish her forever but you constantly hurt her, then you are dishonest. You are contradicting all your spoken promises. This will make your loved one doubt your intentions. She will think that you are a person without substance. This article does not intend to form judgments. It’s acknowledging the fact that it’s about time that you let your actions speak for yourself.

Save your arguments. Here are 3 reasons why you should send her flowers daily:

  1. Why not make her feel special every day?

Okay, it might sound a bit too farfetched but girls love surprises. What more if you do it every day? I admit it’s not that easy on the budget. But hey, you can always choose to give her one (1) flower per day. You can just even pick out a simple bloom from your backyard, that is… if you have one. It doesn’t have to be an expensive bouquet. Flowers will always be as beautiful whether it’d be single or a floral arrangement. As they say, it’s the thought that counts. It’s the effort that you exert that makes it exceptional. Even without words, your gesture will prove how much you love her every day.

  1. Why not make every moment count?

There are no guarantees for tomorrow. We don’t know if we have enough time to show how much our loved ones mean to us. Oftentimes, we give them the love they deserve when it’s already too late. So don’t wait for that to happen to you, make your every moment with her special. At least, when your time is up, you can confidently say that every moment is well spent. If you are considering the idea of giving her blossoms every day but you don’t see a shop near you, you can simply order online. It’s quite easy and you don’t have to worry about the blooms not being fresh, they are always secured to be delivered crisp and fast.

  1. Why not make a difference?

Break the record. Don’t just give flowers on special occasions. It’s such a pity that people only see these blooms as something to be given only on specific days. If you are courting a girl and want to increase her chances of saying “yes”, then better make your move and start giving her flowers today. It’s good to be different, it makes you stand out. It makes her see you as a brave person who is not afraid to be unconventional.

Tips to Avoid Being Friendzoned by a Girl

Friendzoned by a GirlYou wish to have a relationship with a girl you like but eventually you got friendzoned. It can be really frustrating when you are interested in a romantic relationship with a girl but eventually she wants you to just be friends. So how to avoid being friendzoned?

Be more mindful in picking your match. Being friendzoned sometimes lies on picking the wrong match. If you keep picking the girl not matched or not right for you, it is more likely that you’ll be stuck on being friendzoned. There are signs and body languages when women are interested in you. You must know how to read those signs to know if she’s into you. It is best to pick a woman who is more interested in you from the start to avoid being friendzoned.

Learn to be more attractive. Sometimes men are friendzoned because they are not attractive enough to the opposite sex. The good thing is that attractiveness is not an inborn trait, you can learn how to be more attractive physically and personality wise. By increasing the level of your attractiveness, you can avoid being friendzoned. If you are too shy and lacks self-confidence, you can learn to be more sociable and confident to increase your level of attractiveness. Social skills can be very attractive to the opposite sex. When it comes to physical appearance, there are physical aspects that you can improve to be more attractive without a major plastic surgery. You can improve your physical appearance by learning to dress well and groom well. Keeping a good posture, staying fit or staying physically active and healthy are attractive physical traits to most women.

Make your intentions clear from the beginning. What most men are afraid of is outright rejection so they sometimes choose the safe path like acting as a friend because it is easier. This approach creates confusion to the other party and uncertainty on your part. Creating confusion from the start by not communicating what you really want may hurt more in the end if you eventually get dumped or friendzoned. It is best to be clear with what you want from the start and face rejection upfront if she’s not interested than use friendship as a cover but in reality you want more than that. You can move on as soon as possible and find someone who is interested in you. Stop wasting your time on someone who is not interested and get hurt in the end. Make your intentions clear and avoid being friendzoned.

Don’t appear too desperate. Sometimes men are friendzoned because they do all the work, give all the favors and act as if they are too desperate to get the girl. There are women who want to keep a man with this behavior as a friend or she wants you to stick around without the responsibility of being your girlfriend. They want the benefits from you but do not want the responsibility of having a relationship with you. To avoid being friendzoned, stop being too nice and doing all the work. It is best to allow the other person to value you and do something for you in return. After all, a relationship will not work if one is always the giver and the other is always the receiver. Both should contribute to satisfy each other’s needs. Don’t settle for less than what you deserve.