Relationship Mistakes Guys Make And Possible Solutions

Relationship Mistakes Guys MakeWhen you are attracted to a lady, you should not make a fool of yourself if you are not ready for a real intimate connection. Getting involved with a lady for the wrong reasons brings disappointment, pains and unrest. You should look out for the right reasons and work on these reasons to stay in love and be happy.

Dating someone because you think she will be sexually appealing is wrong. A struggle not true to you, is wrong to be part of that struggle. Sexual act does not add value to you. It takes away your self-esteem especially when you are not true to yourself. She might look dashing, all equip for a sexual connection but it is wrong reasoning to want to tangle with her.

You should not get intimate with her because of her high social class or personality. I have observed that guys from humble background often partake in this act in order to gain some influential and financial advantages.

You should work out better ways for yourself to feel useful and not rely on other’s advantages. It makes people think little of you if you are always looking out to them for certain privileges.

You should stop judging your lady too often. It makes her feel invaluable, flexible and feasible to make more mistakes. Your relationship should not be feasible to mistakes. You have to encourage her to be better, improve and grow.

In a relationship, whenever you want to correct or impact, you should be watchful of your words and its influence on your audience. You should not use wrong words to correct her. It will make her feel little of herself and possibly make her feel unwanted and unappreciated. This alone could drive her away.

If you truly love her, learn from her how you could possibly transform her.

Exercising too much control over her will drive her away from you. This will cause her to hide things from you. A relationship on secrets will only produce lies and frustration. If you want to have genuine and sincere relationship, let the love affair be flexible.

Whenever you are with a lady and you do not aim to improve or motivate her into doing the things that will prosper her, you are a disadvantage to her. She will soon realize that you are a disadvantage to her and possibly flee from you.

Guys need ideas to stay in a relationship. Without the proper idea or input, your relationship with her will grow weary. You have to search for ways to nourish and keep your relationship with her before she realizes you are dull and decide to dash off from the relationship.

How To Dress Perfectly on That First Date

Dress PerfectlyWe all get nervous when we get asked out to a date and it’s an added bonus if we have been interested in the person for some time before that happens. As soon as we get asked out, our brain hits overdrive and we go through our entire closet in our heads, pairing things and working out an outfit depending on the time of the date.

Don’t get too nervous here are some safe bets that you can work with and look fabulous on that first date from your dress to designer jewelry and footwear. So let’s go:

1. Go Red

Red is the most opted for color when it comes to dates. Men respond well to red and are attracted to it (research proven!). So if you want to look drop dead gorgeous go for a little red dress along with your fine jewelry. It doesn’t always have to be a red dress, you can use a red skirt with a leather jacket or a red blouse but if you think red is not your color, add red to you look by using a simple red lipstick.

2. The Summer Look

You need to look relaxed and happy on your date even if there is a tornado of emotions inside you, so in order to do that go for the perfect summer look. Choose soft fabrics and prints with are feminine and give a happy feel. A summer dress or a plain silk dress with heels works absolutely fine. It needs to be subtle but quirky as well. You don’t the guy to think that you are too subtle as well.

3. Know Your Plus Points

Do not experiment on your first date and play your strength. If you have a great figure show it off, that does not mean you expose, it means that you wear something that makes your body look good and which you are comfortable in. if you have great legs, show them off by wearing dress or a skirt. You can wear designer jewelry along with any choice you make to add a bit of zest.

4. Be Confident Of You Style

Confidence is attractive. Don’t be uncomfortable or overly cautious of your clothes. If it makes you feel vulnerable or uncomfortable don’t wear it. Confidence is your best feature and it should come out from your outfit. So always choose something you like and feel at ease in.

5. Have a Pair Just For Date

Heels always look great for a date unless it is an outdoorsy or walk in the park sort of date. You need a comfortable pair that does not hurt your feet too much like wedges or pumps. Do not wear a new pair of anything be it heels or ballet flats or your date will end in shoe bites and sore feet which you don’t want.

6. An Outdoorsy Outfit

In case your date is outside, like in a park where you are going for a picnic or a walk. Try a pair of cute shorts and loose top; you can wear wedges or flats whichever you like. It needs a casual look. Don’t dress up too much for this as it will look out of place. A cute outdoorsy outfit is as important as anything. It can be a pair of ripped jeans a white t-shirt or blouse as well.

You can add designer jewelry like a pair of earrings or bracelets and anklets to your outfit.

7. Chill With The Make-up

Please do not go overboard with your make-up. Stick to a natural look which brings out your personality. A natural color foundation, eyeliner and nice shade of lipstick are more than enough. You don’t need bright eye shadows and loud lips or rosy/bronze cheeks. Be yourself on a date that is what makes the other person like you.

On Why Being in a Relationship Will Always Be My Choice

DatesEvery Time I have dinner and catch-up with my friends, I find myself enjoying the conquests of my single friends and the ‘fun’ they had with their erratic partners. I asked myself whether I am willing to give up a decade worth of a committed relationship for single blessedness and opportunity for boyfriend hopping. Do I love being in a relationship rather be single or have casual boyfriends? Here are my two cents.


My partner and I were good friends back in high school. One day, we just found ourselves ‘dating’. Since we were in high school, it took us years before we could go on proper dates. But, our high school dates were as fancy as it could get. He wasn’t my boyfriend just yet. But, I realize that his antics are far more elaborate before than our date nights now. He admitted that those were to impress me. Does he not want to impress me now? Then I realized that I am as guilty.

When we were five years into the relationship, I knew why I enjoy being in a relationship. We have become content with home movies and homemade popcorn with our favourite beer. This has been our dates ever since. It was not all bad with him cuddling me during the entire movie.


It is true that being in a relationship, special occasions or not, a serious boyfriend shower you with pretty blooms and boxes of your favourite chocolates, simply because he feels like doing so. He may scour an entire flower shop only to get you the best flowers just because he misses you.

But, this is not the reason why I enjoy having a committed affair. It is the happiness you get from simple things given by the significant other. For couples who have been together for so long, the most priceless gifts are the simplest ones. Materialistic presents hold no significance against the time and effort you could give your partner.


The couples’ lives differ from singles’ or from those in a non-serious relationship in a way that your significant others would want to know where you are or where you’re going. They are not trying to go down your throats and put you on a short leash. Love comes with care, and partners care that you are safe while having fun.

My single friends have the freedom to do whatever they want without being asked. It is definitely less of a hassle. But, I like to see to it that if things go wrong, I have someone who knows where I am and maybe with a brush of luck will get me out of trouble, on time.

But, whether you are with or without someone, happiness and love is a choice that you can freely make. In this life, we will always have reasons to be happy and content. The adventures and endless stories shared with me and my friends (single and not) are proofs of that.

Rebound Love Is Not For the Broken Heart

Rebound LoveObliterated beyond recognition, that is the status of your heart.

You are currently broken and is in dire need of a cure. Don’t rush things, you are obviously not ready to enter into a new relationship. You will learn to move on soon, but before that happens, focus on healing yourself. You are still very vulnerable. Pretty soon, you will also become desperate. You’ll be hopeless to find a rebound love to recover from the affection you have lost.

To love another after a failed relationship is not wrong. It only becomes inappropriate when you enter into it even though you are completely aware that you have not yet moved on. This is absolutely unfair to the other person. You’ll be toying with his emotions.

Here are a few reasons why rebound love is definitely not for you.

You won’t let him love you. Being in a new relationship does not guarantee your recovery from the past. This will bring you to continue reminiscing of your Ex and worst is, you might even compare them. You will not see the current one as a ‘real’ person. He will just be your puppet to use in times of your emotional need. It will not be a healthy relationship.

Because you are broken inside, your focus would be on protecting yourself from heartaches. You will hold back. Too much emotional attachment would scare you. Your judgment will definitely be biased and you will not be able to give the other person the opportunity to love the ‘whole’ you, instead of the bitter version of you who’s still broken.

You won’t be able to reciprocate his feelings. You cannot give back what you do not have. You are out of love and right now, the least you can do is to give time alone and let yourself heal. Although your intention is not to hurt the person, you are already hurting him from the moment you let him expect that you’ll love him. Being single does not mean that you are unloved. It simply signifies your strength as a person, your independence. You’ve got to learn how to be happy without depending on another person.

You will only hurt yourself in the process. A relationship will always require an emotional investment. The moment you hurt the other person because you can’t reciprocate his feelings will also take its toll on you. You would pity yourself and regret your decision. Again, you have just stabbed your ‘already’ wounded heart. You are punishing yourself. Do your heart a favor, spare it from pain when you are still not ready.