Decoded, She Really Meant What She Said

DecodedWomen are complicated creatures. Women sometimes don’t understand other women, and they are of the same species. How much more difficult it could be for men to understand women then?

Let me help you decode some mind-boggling statements women often say.


This may mean Yes and No.

The key to knowing what she said may be hidden below the deepest parts of the ocean. But, take clues from past conversations. Pay attention to instances when she has said yes, but what she really means was no.


“Okay, okay” and “No, it’s not okay.”

No, it is not the sweet “Okay” shared between Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace. As decisive as she is, she may say okay when it is not. Like her Yes, you should look into her eyes and see for yourself if it really means it.

“It’s fine.”

No, it is not, most of the times.

There are times when she may be under the weather, and she doesn’t want to talk about what made her upset. So she says that it is fine. What it really means is that it is not fine. This is especially true when she got into a fight with you or with another person.

“Have fun.”

No, don’t go unless she approves it.

Can you recall the time when she said to have fun when you went out with your buddies? You find her all furious upon arriving home because you “left” her alone. She is very confusing, right?

“In a minute, babe.”

This means 30 minutes or more. It depends.

You might want to be comfortable on the sofa when she says she will be ready in a minute. Patience, boy. It will be worth it once she’s done.

“How was your day?”

It means how are you?

This is a sincere question because she cares for you. She is here to celebrate and even mope or cheer you up.

“I have nothing to wear.”

What she wants to say is “I want new ones.”

It means that she has already worn all her clothes and the others are rubbish. Sometimes, she might want to buy new ones.

“You know, I love it when… “

You better do it more often.

You might have done something that she finds nice. So, she wants you to do it more.

We should compromise, don’t you think?”

There are no compromises here.

You should follow what she wants. She is not a spoiled girl. You can talk and let her understand why you should compromise and not just go through with what she wants. Make her see the light.

“No, Really. You don’t have to get me anything”

She means “I really want you to get me that.” She is not after the present itself, but, the thought of you getting her something special.