On Why Being in a Relationship Will Always Be My Choice

DatesEvery Time I have dinner and catch-up with my friends, I find myself enjoying the conquests of my single friends and the ‘fun’ they had with their erratic partners. I asked myself whether I am willing to give up a decade worth of a committed relationship for single blessedness and opportunity for boyfriend hopping. Do I love being in a relationship rather be single or have casual boyfriends? Here are my two cents.


My partner and I were good friends back in high school. One day, we just found ourselves ‘dating’. Since we were in high school, it took us years before we could go on proper dates. But, our high school dates were as fancy as it could get. He wasn’t my boyfriend just yet. But, I realize that his antics are far more elaborate before than our date nights now. He admitted that those were to impress me. Does he not want to impress me now? Then I realized that I am as guilty.

When we were five years into the relationship, I knew why I enjoy being in a relationship. We have become content with home movies and homemade popcorn with our favourite beer. This has been our dates ever since. It was not all bad with him cuddling me during the entire movie.


It is true that being in a relationship, special occasions or not, a serious boyfriend shower you with pretty blooms and boxes of your favourite chocolates, simply because he feels like doing so. He may scour an entire flower shop only to get you the best flowers just because he misses you.

But, this is not the reason why I enjoy having a committed affair. It is the happiness you get from simple things given by the significant other. For couples who have been together for so long, the most priceless gifts are the simplest ones. Materialistic presents hold no significance against the time and effort you could give your partner.


The couples’ lives differ from singles’ or from those in a non-serious relationship in a way that your significant others would want to know where you are or where you’re going. They are not trying to go down your throats and put you on a short leash. Love comes with care, and partners care that you are safe while having fun.

My single friends have the freedom to do whatever they want without being asked. It is definitely less of a hassle. But, I like to see to it that if things go wrong, I have someone who knows where I am and maybe with a brush of luck will get me out of trouble, on time.

But, whether you are with or without someone, happiness and love is a choice that you can freely make. In this life, we will always have reasons to be happy and content. The adventures and endless stories shared with me and my friends (single and not) are proofs of that.