Things You Should Have Said to Your Long Time Crush to Make Him Notice You

Crush to Make Him Notice YouCrush– a word we are all too familiar with. We all have that one (or a couple of) guy we have been attracted to the longest time. It may be because of his looks, personality or interests. Regardless, we badly want to go out with him and try to see where things are going.

But, the biggest hurdle in finding true love (or just to hangout) is that we are lost for words as we look into his beautiful eyes. Okay, maybe that is too mushy. Yet, we still fail to talk to him because we all got tongue-tied, like always. Here are some of the sure-fire things to say that will make him notice you.

“Yes, that movie freaks me out. Maybe we could watch it together!”

When you have the chance to talk about the latest movie, grab the opportunity to ask him out. Modern women are known for turning tables when it comes to relationships. So, don’t be afraid to ask your crush out with this subtle, but cool statement.

Be sure you don’t spring it up suddenly while you meet him in the hallway. He may be creeped out and lost your chance on him.

“I think you have an amazing smile.”

Boys love compliments more that they would admit. Who wouldn’t want to be appreciated? This is an adorable and less freaky way of letting him know you find him attractive. This may make him smile more often and it is nice knowing that you placed it there. Every time he does, he may also think about you.

“You just made my day… more interesting.”

If he made you laugh, or if his presence just makes you happy, then tell him. This may or may not be a sure way for him to notice you. But, who knows, you may have made his day too. That is some beauty points for you.

“That was pretty awesome or You were pretty awesome there.”

We all want affirmation and appreciation for the things we do. So, if your crush is out there showing his thing (presentation, dancing, singing, etc.), don’t just simply say congratulation. Make him notice you by saying unique ways to show how great he is work is.

“That is definitely your color.”

Even if you think he looks good wearing a potato sack, this will let him know that you are interested or the very least, you exist. When you and your crush does not run into the same circle, this comment is a safe way of saying that he looks attractive.

Your heart deserves to be freed from the what ifs. But, if things don’t work out like you wanted it to, maybe he isn’t just the one for you. You can always try these tricks to more crushes you will meet in the future.