What Women Secretly (or Openly) Love About Their Men

What Women SecretlyCalm yourselves down! This is not about women being submissive nor deprecating women’s capabilities. This is you celebrating another of God’s wonderful creatures, the male species. Let’s look at some of the things we secretly or openly love about the men in our lives.

Women can depend on them

Sure, women are strong and independent and we want to be treated with equality, yet we also enjoy that we have a man we can depend on. There are those times we are clueless and scared to do things. Our men came as the ‘knight in shining armor,’ who don’t really save us, but held our hands as we go through life’s difficulties. It is okay to admit our vulnerability to the men whom we trust.


They have this innate thing of being protective of you. Can you remember the times you swoon so hard to men to take care of their sisters? You suddenly see them having children with you, right? We are completely capable of looking after ourselves that we find it sweet if others exert time and effort to show they care. This is Mr. Right in front of you, so don’t let him go.

Gives fresh perspectives

Sometimes, we seek advice from our girl friends for new insights. So, we also ask our significant others for their opinion. The difference between lady friends and our men is that the latter has different views on things. Often times, I feel stupid for worrying too much when the problem is really not that complicated. Men are really from a different planet, but we still love them anyway.


We love men who can do their thing. We find it ‘hot’ even. So, women are awed by men are passionate about doing things whether it be their hobby, at school or at work. Seeing him work hard will make your heart jump for joy. Surely, this kind of men will be a good partner in making your own family. Admit it, you have thought of this at some point. This is even more admirable if they are passionate about our relationship, where they value you as a person and his partner. Love couldn’t get better than that.

Great listeners

Our men have this patience that women don’t have. Sharing stories with other women will sometimes end with judgemental notes. But, men don’t judge behind your back, they are likely to blow the truth on your face. Also, they don’t talk too much, they just listen (and grunt).